23. června 2007 v 11:01 | *Týnka* |  ♥Chicago♥
The name on everybody's lips
Is gonna be Roxie
The lady rakin' in the chips
Is gonna be Roxie
I'm gonna be a celebrity
That means somebody everyone knows
They're gonna recognize my eyes
My hair, my teeth, my boobs, my nose
From just some dumb mechanic's wife
I'm gonna be Roxie
Who says that murder's not an art?
And who in case she doesn't hang
Can say she started with a bang?
Foxy Roxie Hart!
You wanna know something? I always wanted to be in vaudeville.
And now that I'm a celebrity, I'm gonna have me a swell act,
too. Yeah, I'll get a boy to work with - someone who can lift
me up, show me off - Oh, hell, I'll get two boys. It'll frame
me better. Think "Big," Roxie, think "Big." I'm gonna get me
a whole bunch of boys.
The name on everybody's lips
Is gonna be
The lady rakin' in the chips is gonna be
She's gonna be a celebrity
That means somebody everyone knows
They're gonna recognize her eyes
Her hair, her teeth...
Roxie: boobs, my nose
Ooh, ah ah ah
From just some dumb mechanic's wife
I'm gonna be
Sing it!
Who says that murder's not an art?
And who in case she doesn't hang
Can say she started with a bang?
Foxy Roxie Hart!
They're gonna wait outside in line
To get to see Roxie
Think of those autographs I'll sign
"Good luck to you, Roxie"
And I'll appear in a lavaliere
That goes all the way down to my waist
Here a ring, there a ring
Everywhere a ring a ling
But always the best of taste
Oooh, I'm a star.
And the audience loves her.
And I love the audience. And the audience loves me for
loving them. And I love the audience for loving me. And
we just love each other. That's because none of us got
enough love in our childhood.
That's right.
And that's show biz, kid.
Oh, yeah.
She's giving up her humdrum life
I'm gonna be
She made a scandal and a start.
And Sophie Tucker will shit, I know
To see her name get billed below
Foxy Roxie Hart
Chuh, chuh, chuh, etc...
Oooh ah ah ah ah ah ah
(As boys exit)
Those are my boys.

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